Wedding Invitations Tips for Affordable Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is a unique reflection of your personality and a memorable reminder of your very special day. Invitations represent a public declaration of your upcoming marriage and an expression of your personal style. Any wedding can quickly become expensive, but the good news is that there’s lots of way to save money on wedding invitations.

Shop Creatively for Wedding Invitations

Most people automatically think of stationary stores when it comes to invitations, but you can find good quality paper and printing services at warehouse and office supply stores. These stores deal in bulk so can typically offer prices far below the smaller stationary shops. Use the power of the Internet to find hundreds of online wedding invitation sites. Many of these “web-only” shops are not only packed with ideas but give deep discounts on invitation sets that include envelopes, RSPV and reception cards.

Pick Your Print for Wedding Invitation

There’s an almost unlimited choice when it comes to the type and style of print to use on your wedding invitations. Engraved invitations are beautiful but very expensive so take a look at a printing technique called thermography. This print style gives the same raised look at half the cost. Also, laser and inkjet printers have come a long way and can produce a stylish and professional looking invitation at a reasonable price.

Semi-Homemade Wedding Invitations

There are a wide variety of blank wedding invitation kits that can be purchased online and printed at home. Many can be downloaded directly to your personal computer and include detailed instructions for setting printing the invitations, RSVP cards and envelope. Many sites also have instructional videos. You can pick a kit that has just the design and style you like. By buying your own paper and printing the invitations yourself, you eliminate the “middle-man” and have complete control over the quality of your finished product.

Wedding Invitations – Keep It Simple

Traditional wedding invitations include an extra envelope inside the mailing envelope. This was done to protect the inner paper during days when mail was sometimes stuffed in the saddlebag by grubby hands. Extra envelopes not only add cost, but they add weight and can mean higher mailing costs. Canceling machines, however, can sometimes cause rips. You can skip the extra envelope but still see that your invitations get gentle handling by asking the post office to “hand cancel” each envelope.

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