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WordPress blogs (sometimes reduced to WP) is definitely an incredibly great blog site content and engine managing method. It enables you to build and manage a blog or website with a beautiful and simple to use interface (referred to as Dashboard) and contains a catalogue of 1000s of clever plug-ins which render it do practically anything at all imaginable.

In other words, it’s probably the greatest and simplest way to work a blog or website these days. It’s absolutely and totally free, and because it’s an open source project! That’s right – everything that amazingness for specifically $.00

There are many free concepts on the market it’s hard to know how to begin. Just searching from the Wp Concept Database to the perfect theme can be cumbersome.

The great thing about most of the recently released free theme is that they are responsive, meaning you can download, install and activate them and quickly and easily meet the needs of your mobile users.

Below is really a site of reactive concepts – all totally free – and most of them new designs which have been released before few weeks.

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Wedding Locations: Why Suffolk?

wedding location

There are lots of different locations all over the world where you can get married. With so much choice it can be difficult to narrow down your search, but really all these choice does is make it easier for you to find somewhere suitable if you know how to look. If you’re looking for wedding barn venues Suffolk is one of the best choices in the country, and here’s why:

1. How many guests do you want to attend, and where are they coming from?

Your numbers will do two things. Firstly, you will be able to eliminate a lot of venues which are either too large or too small for your wedding party. There is no point paying for a castle when you’re holding a very small and intimate event with just 40 guests.
When guests have to travel, it’s really important that you find somewhere which is easy to get to no matter the type of transportation. Look for places which are served by train stations, have good road connections and spacious car parking.

When looking at wedding barn venues, Suffolk is a really good option. Obviously these particular venues are often quite rural by their very nature, but Suffolk is only an hour on the train from central London.  It’s easily accessed by the A12, and there’s lots of beautiful scenery to take in whilst never being too far from civilisation.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony?

A religious ceremony is not for everyone, but around 50% of all weddings are held in places of worship, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable. If you are looking at a reception which is to be held in a wedding barn venue, Suffolk also has copious amounts of beautiful churches, so you should be able to find one which is accessible for your reception as well. Ideally you want something which is within walking distance of the ceremony so that your guests don’t need to put a lot of effort into moving between the venues.

3. Unique option

For wedding barn venues, Suffolk is a great choice because it is so convenient. With so many different barns to choose from there will be something to suit almost every style of wedding. These venues are still a relatively new concept for a wedding and so your images will be beautiful and unique, and your day even more special than you could imagine.

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Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer Is Important

weddingphotoIf you are getting married shortly you must be very excited. A wedding oughts to be an once-in-a-lifetime event and you would definitely want to make certain that everything is just perfect. Getting every moment of your big day photographed will obviously be one of your priorities. Every couple would want their wedding photos to be great … something they are going to treasure always and forever. There are plenty of other stresses that come along with while you are planning for a wedding and you wouldn’t want to worry too much about about the wedding photography.

In this article I would like to give you some ideas regarding how you could have your wedding photos really special – something that would stand out of the crowd.

The first thing to guarantee excellent wedding photographs is of course to hire a good photographer: This may sound like something obvious but believe me it’s one decision that could “make or break” a person’s wedding. You must hire a photographer who would not only be happy to satisfy all your needs and keep you likings, suggestions in mind while capturing all those extraordinary moments from beginning to end.

If your wedding photographer is experienced enough he/she would going to shoot structured photographs: Even though it usually a pain to have your entire family in one frame posing for a photograph, consider it to be a necessity and, rest assured, for a skilled photographer that would be quite effortless.

It happens to be your big day and you want to make it sure if the photographs taken during the wedding and the reception are good enough to be able to take you back to that extraordinary day any time you look at them even after several years. Should you have the perfect wedding photographer by your side, he or she would very well know just how to shoot those exclusive occasions without trouble. Choose a photographer with a distinctive style and who will do their utmost to make sure that your day is captured in the way that you want it to be. Every wedding photographer seems to have a distinctive style and before you choose one you might want to check their websites or talk to them to make sure that you are hiring the right photographer. For example, check Pauls Photographer Essex to get some ideas.

The next tip would be to place some disposable cameras around the tables. The idea is to encourage the guests attending the wedding to take snaps. You won’t believe how often photographs taken by guests were able to capture those precious moments missed by the official photographer, who might be busy elsewhere. Besides it’s fun and a great way to have guests involved – they are going to love it. When you’ve got such photographs together with the photographs taken by the wedding photographer, you are guaranteed that you have got almost every moment of your big day has been documented.

Having a photo booth installed is another fun idea you may consider. However, this isn’t, in whatever way, essential. But it is really great fun to say the least. Having a photo booth makes it possible for your guests, yet again, with the chance to grab many exciting moments over the course of the wedding reception.

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Are You Ready For Your Wedding Speech Yet

WeddingWedding speeches are indispensable parts of a wedding reception. They don’t necessarily have to be extensive at length but a few men and women ought to say some words related to the couple and their marriage. Apart from the couple who’s getting married, in most traditional weddings their parents, the best man and the maid of honor are anticipated to make speeches.

Typically a speech shouldn’t last no more than from 3 to 5 minutes and you should have the speech drafted on a sheet of paper to read, make use of some cue-cards to be able to refer to it whenever required. Keep this in mind this isn’t a stand-up comedy and thus you would like to keep everything in good taste. Grab the microphone confidently and speak loud and clear to grab the attention of your audience from the word go.

Some other members of the bridal party or individuals that are close family members and friends might also wish to give wedding speeches at the reception. The bride and groom might decide to have an open forum where anybody will be able to make a speech at their reception or follow a fixed list of individuals they wish to deliver a speech that might include the parents of the bride.

Figuring out who really should give wedding speeches actually relies upon the choices of the wedding couple. Many would like their family members as well as best friends to make a speech while some appear to be quite undecided and so they tend to let anybody to make a speech. Since this happens to be the big day for the married couple, regardless of which route is preferred. Almost all folks are prepared to give wedding speeches if they’re extremely close to the groom/bride and would like to share their accounts regarding how the bride/groom/couple has impacted their life with the guests.

Wedding speeches generally contain three main parts – the introductory part, the main speech and lastly, the toast. When it’s time for the speaker to make a speech, he or she should try to grab the attention of the hall and tell a word or two about himself or herself regarding who they really are and what kind of relationship they share with the bride or groom. Following that the speaker could move to the key part of his/her wedding speech and could share a couple of interesting facts or stories regarding the couple, some funny memories that highlight their relationships with the bride/groom. Wedding speeches should never be longer than 7 – 8 minutes, 10 minutes at most. For the key section of the speech, it is essential that the speaker congratulates the couple from the deep of his or heart and wish them an everlasting, happy married life. Last but not least, wedding speeches must conclude traditionally with a toast to the happy couple.

Special notes on some of the key wedding speeches

Father of the Bride Speech – As the bride’s father you would obviously talk more about her but it has been noticed that father of the bride speeches that are humorous also emphasize equally on the groom. Here is a tip – Share with your friends and family your thoughts on the occasion when you were introduced to the groom for the first time.

Groom Speech – Though the groom could easily limit his speech simply by thanking almost everybody present in the room including his bride, he could make his speech special by sharing some of his feelings about the bride and her family.

Best Man Speech – Everybody expects best man speeches to be funny but you should always try to make it sincere also. Talk about the bride as much as you talk about the groom. If you don’t have any story about her that you could share with the audience, praise her and tell why you think the groom couldn’t have a better wife than her.

Maid of Honor Speech – It is so easy for the maid of honor to get emotional while making her speech. so it is recommended that maid of honor speeches should include funny stories instead of those that could impel emotions.

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What You Need To Know About Wedding Speeches

A Wedding Reception PartyWedding speeches are one of the several events that the guests attending the ceremony look forward to eagerly. Close family members and friends of the bride and groom get the chance to share their personal views and reminiscences about the bride/groom by way of giving the wedding speeches proposing toasts. It’s one of our most beautiful wedding traditions and all of us enjoy the speeches, except maybe those who are supposed to give such a speech. Not because they hate the idea of giving wedding speeches but for the reason that they fear making public speeches like anything else.

A lot of us would panic when we are asked to make a speech in public. We realize that when we have to make one. But there are ways to overcome this fear and come up with excellent wedding speeches. The steps are surprisingly simple but you must not take them lightly. You do some research to get ideas for the content of your speech, make an outline of the things you want o include, write the speech, read it loud several times and keep modifying until you feel everything sounds good. Lastly and most importantly, practice our speech hard – the more frequently you do that the more confident you would become. Practice by reading it aloud and standing in front of a mirror o, if possible, to a group of friends or family members. This method works like a charm.

Depending on the type of wedding speech you are supposed to give your content may vary. If you happen to the bride’s best friend or sister, chances are you would be asked to play the role of the maid of honor. For maid of honor speeches you need to talk mostly about the bride and share with the audience some of the wonderful moments you have lived with the bride.

Though there are parts of wedding speeches that would be quite identical, for example the introduction. In fact all wedding speeches are identical – only the persons and their personalities that are mentioned in the speech keep changing. Also the stories and memories that are shared are bound to be different, obviously. The bride’s father talks about his daughter, her life and achievements in his speech. Both father of the bride speeches and the ones given by the maid of honors are centered on the same person – the bride. But they portray the bride from different perspectives and so, the anecdotes would be different.

The more you work with your wedding speech the easier it becomes for you to become accustomed to it. Once you know exactly what you intend to say you can make a speech out of it. Even a simple speech could make a huge impression when it is heartfelt and made with hones intention.

The key to make good wedding speeches is to ensure that it is natural and free flowing. Problem arises when you try to exaggerate or unnecessarily animate your speech, especially if you are not good at public speaking. Keep things short and simple and you’ll do fine.

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A Few Simple Wedding Speech Tips for The Best Man

Best Man's SpeechWedding speeches and toasts are easily one of the most coveted events at weddings. And among all the wedding speeches, the best man speeches happen to be the most popular, thanks to the amusement they often provide.

In case you’ve been chosen as the best man at a friend’s wedding, you need to take the time to put together a speech that is purposeful and very special. Should it be your very first time to function as a best man at a wedding, getting ready early will allow you to develop confidence as the event approaches.

Exactly what you need to say in your speech? Please note that best man speeches don’t have to be too lengthy or complex. Preferably, you must try and finish your entire speech inside 3 to 5 minutes, so that you can have the attention of the audience throughout the length of your speech and at the same time give other speakers enough time to deliver their speeches.

You must ensure that your speech is brief but sincere. You might commence by welcoming the guests to the reception and congratulate the wedding couple. Assuming you and the groom grew up together as childhood friends, you may share with the audience a story about exactly how the groom used to be as a kid or later as a young guy. The guests would definitely enjoy to find out something interesting and as being the groom’s closest friend, you’re certainly the ideal individual to do that. But while choosing a story to share publicly make it absolutely sure that you are not going to upset anybody’s sentiments by any means. For example, it’s utterly improper to mention the groom’s ex-fiancée irrespective of how fair your motives are. Be very careful never to hurt the couple on their wedding day.

Even though funny speeches are encouraged, just make sure that your humors go down well. Remember that men and women of every age group are going to be present at the event. There are going to be elderly people and little children inside the reception hall at the same time and so, you must be cautious about the words that you say.

In conclusion, it is advisable that you finish your speech in an optimistic note by wishing the newlyweds in the most heartfelt way. Last but not least, you could wind up your speech by means of proposing a toast to celebrate the marriage and congratulate the couple wishing their happiness.

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Memorable Maid of Honor Speeches – Make the Moment Last

For many women, their wedding day is one of the most memorable and special occasions of their life. It is an event that they have planned, dreamed about, and labored over for innumerable hours – sometimes even years.

If you are asked to be a maid of honor in a wedding, it is an honor that should not be taken lightly. Aside from planning things like the bachelorette party, the wedding shower, and details of the wedding day, you should also be prepared to give the maid of honor speech.

Many times, a married couple will struggle to tell you what the minister spoke about during the ceremony, and they probably would have trouble telling you what anyone at the reception said during their toast. It is hard not to get wrapped up in the magic of the day, and to have your mind present at all times, actually retaining what is being said.

As the maid of honor, you do have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the bride whom you are representing. With a little planning, and creativity, you will be able to give a speech that will be truly memorable.

Many times, the bride and the maid of honor are close friends, and have many memories together, and stories that date back many years. It would be a great idea to brainstorm through your time with the bride, and pick out one or two events or situations that were meaningful in your relationship. It can be a humorous event, or a personal moving story, or something that you know would mean a lot to the bride.

Using humor in maid of honor speeches is a good idea, but do not think of yourself as a stand-up comedian who must make your audience laugh over and over again. Touching the emotions of those listening, especially the bride in this case, is an important quality of a memorable speech. Humor is a great way to grasp the attention of your hearers, and an excellent way to transition into a more sentimental segment of what you would like to convey to the bride.

It is critical that you practice and rehearse your speech before standing up to deliver it at the wedding reception. If you would like to, it is okay for you to write your speech out on note-cards, or outline the main points you would like to cover.

Just as the title suggests, being a maid of honor for weddings is just that – an honor. With a little preparation, and well-thought-out material, you can make your maid of honor speech a memorable experience for not only the bride, groom, and the audience, but for yourself as well.

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Simple Guidelines to Writing and Giving Effortless Best Man Speeches

Best Man giving his Best Man SpeechBeing the best man at your friend’s wedding can be a great honor and somewhat a bother, often at the same time. Obviously the honor is the recognition of your friendship that allows you to be part of his special day, whilst the bother is the fact that you’re going to have to stand up in front of two sets of families and (their friends and relatives) and feel the pressure of having to deliver one of the best best man speeches they’ve heard. In actual fact, writing a good best man speech isn’t difficult, but there are some protocols and unwritten rules to be aware of. This article aims to highlight some of these to make writing and giving that perfect best man speech a little easier.

The best man, due to his being the best friend of the groom, is expected to reveal amusing (and sometimes even a bit embarrassing) stories about his friend. This is all well and good, but you’ll need to think long and hard about which ones to tell. Two absolute must-avoids are anything involving previous girlfriends and anything illegal. Whilst these make for excellent stories at the bar afterwards, the chances of offending someone (especially the bride!) are quite high. In the same vein, stories that involve members of the congregation need to be picked over carefully, and it’s often wise to consult the subjects of the story for their consent before telling it.

But you should understand that best man speeches that are just full of embarrassing stories seem childish and immature and you should make sure that you don’t end up giving one of them. After all, the speech is in part to recognize and celebrate what has gone before in his life, but also to look to a more mature and grown up future. Make sure that parts of your speech reflect on your knowledge of the couple, and be sure to give them your best wishes. Don’t go overboard on this point, as it’s largely the father-in-law’s job to give blessing to their marriage with his speech, but at the same time, it’s important to show your approval of her. Include little jokes and stories about any shared memories there are between the three of you, as this will make her laugh and reduce her nerves. Above all, remember that this is their day, not yours, and you need to keep the focus on them.

Finally, remember that you can expect to give a reasonably good best man speech even if you don’t consider yourself among the best public speakers. all you need to do is plan your speech in advance making sure that your are comfortable with your speech. If required omit those parts that you find might find difficult to deliver. It’s much better to deliver a simple and yet meaningful speech with perfection than to try giving a fancy and extravagant speech that you might find difficult to complete during the reception unless you are as good as anybody when it comes to public speaking.

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Wedding Invitations Tips for Affordable Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is a unique reflection of your personality and a memorable reminder of your very special day. Invitations represent a public declaration of your upcoming marriage and an expression of your personal style. Any wedding can quickly become expensive, but the good news is that there’s lots of way to save money on wedding invitations.

Shop Creatively for Wedding Invitations

Most people automatically think of stationary stores when it comes to invitations, but you can find good quality paper and printing services at warehouse and office supply stores. These stores deal in bulk so can typically offer prices far below the smaller stationary shops. Use the power of the Internet to find hundreds of online wedding invitation sites. Many of these “web-only” shops are not only packed with ideas but give deep discounts on invitation sets that include envelopes, RSPV and reception cards.

Pick Your Print for Wedding Invitation

There’s an almost unlimited choice when it comes to the type and style of print to use on your wedding invitations. Engraved invitations are beautiful but very expensive so take a look at a printing technique called thermography. This print style gives the same raised look at half the cost. Also, laser and inkjet printers have come a long way and can produce a stylish and professional looking invitation at a reasonable price.

Semi-Homemade Wedding Invitations

There are a wide variety of blank wedding invitation kits that can be purchased online and printed at home. Many can be downloaded directly to your personal computer and include detailed instructions for setting printing the invitations, RSVP cards and envelope. Many sites also have instructional videos. You can pick a kit that has just the design and style you like. By buying your own paper and printing the invitations yourself, you eliminate the “middle-man” and have complete control over the quality of your finished product.

Wedding Invitations – Keep It Simple

Traditional wedding invitations include an extra envelope inside the mailing envelope. This was done to protect the inner paper during days when mail was sometimes stuffed in the saddlebag by grubby hands. Extra envelopes not only add cost, but they add weight and can mean higher mailing costs. Canceling machines, however, can sometimes cause rips. You can skip the extra envelope but still see that your invitations get gentle handling by asking the post office to “hand cancel” each envelope.

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The Key Topics That Would Make Father of The Bride Speeches Unforgettable

The father of the bride speeches are usually an emotional affair because the father usually thinks that his responsibility has become someone else’s now, the groom’s. However it is important for the father of the bride to make his speech memorable and something to pass on to the next generation.

The speech should be chronological starting from childhood to adulthood so guests can relate to it better. To start with, mentioning the moment of the birth of his daughter is a good idea and how beautiful and special the moment was when she got home from the hospital. Then move on to the growing years, her first day at play school and her first day at school. He could mention her first friend at school, her first teacher, her first good grade which he was so proud of. Mentioning anecdotes from childhood, incidents which showed him what his daughter would grow up to be. Talents he identified in his daughter when she was very young e.g. singer, artist, geek or a great cook. When was her first visit from the tooth fairy? Then he could move on to teenage years of his daughter when life becomes difficult and harder to relate to everyone. He should say he was proud of how his daughter handled all pressures and grew up to be this beautiful independent woman.

While giving his father of the bride speech it is very important to leave out embarrassing details since the father wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. The father should mention siblings and interaction of the bride with her siblings, friends, neighbors and people around her, whether she was a helpful person, kind and loving. He should mention her feelings for her parents and him. What were the most special moments he remembers and will miss?

Finally he should mention the groom and how lucky he feels that his daughter has chosen to spend the rest of her life with him. He should mention some wonderful qualities of the groom and how proud he is to welcome him into his family. He wants the groom and his family to feel a part of his family and hope that their relationship will just get better in the future. He should also thank all the guests for coming down to grace a beautiful occasion.

Last but not the least is the concluding part of the father of the bride speech. The bride’s father would obviously want to end his speech in style and traditionally all father of the bride speeches are followed by the bride’s father toasting the newlyweds. So, he would purpose a lovely wedding toast while asking the guests to raise their glasses and wish the happy couple for a wonderful married life.

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